Posted by: Tinsley | July 7, 2007

Better than a Chocolate Sundae?

The last few days have been a little crazy. I had reported on Twitter that in attempt to further simplify my life, I was going to get a mindless job. So I evaluate what is behind my house close by and come up with Sub.way. Perfect! They pay well, have benefits, and a food allowance.

I drive over to see if this particular Sub.way is hiring. They are. Manager who hands me an application is absolutely gorgeous! It is the closest I have ever come to love at first sight. After wiping the drool off the side of my face, I fill out the application and return it to the manager.

After the holiday, my phone rings. RING RING! I’m overly pleased to see that it is gorgeous Manager calling from Sub.way. Can I stop in? Sure! I’ll be there this afternoon! I throw my pajamaed bum in the shower and get all prettied up for Manager.

Arriving promptly a few minutes before three o’clock, a take a seat at one of the tables waiting for Manager to finish up with a customer. He comes over taking a seat and flashes me those beautiful pearly whites of his. We do some general questions and then some not so general ones. I start drooling again assuming manager is going to ask me when I can start. Instead he begins to go on about how his father owns several Sub.ways  and More than Noo.dles. Hmm. Okay. He must need help at another, more far away store. Boo!

The next thing that comes out of his mouth is that he “was thinking I would be perfect for a Manager at More than Noo.dles. ” Say what? ME a Manager???!!! So fast forward a couple hours to the phone call from his father. One of the first things that comes out of his mouth is “I don’t know what you did to my son, but he sure thinks very highly of you.” OMG! It was love at first sight! He he he!

So yes. Meet the new Tinsley, Manager in training. With all the positive strangeness in the air, I took it even further by chopping off all my hair. It is now to my chin and I’m totally digging it! I promise pictures are to come, but things haven’t slowed down since my first drooling incident over the Manager. He–J–and I will be spending all day tomorrow at work because I get to cook some more. That’s the first thing I have to be trained in because of course if a cook doesn’t show, the manager has to cook. Sweet! A man who knows his way around the kitchen (and believe me he does)!

The training thing should take a month or two, so I won’t be making a whole lot until I’m done, but once I have completed the training portion I will be put on salary and raking in the big bucks. Even if J wasn’t totally gorgeous, I would still be in debt to him for this wonderful opportunity he gave me. He is a saint. Hell, he is yummier than a chocolate sundae. I have a job and am totally in like. Life is good.


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