About the Author

First and foremost, I am a writer. I won’t necessarily portray that part of me on here often, but that is the easiest way to define who I am. I have been published numerous times, but like most I also require a carefree creative outlet with no strings attached. I am a loner. I learned early on not depend on others to make me feel good about myself or to entertain me. I crave alone time. Like most artists I am emotional, an empath, if you will.

I tend to march to the beat of my own drummer. Some might call me the black sheep of the heard which is just fine. I keep to myself for the most part. I have hundreds of friends, but very few who I hold near and dear. To them I am fiercely loyal. To the others, I could care less, though I am always the first to listen and help when able. I am tight with my family whether or not they are around. It’s not unusual for me to go days without leaving the house. Due to that fact my friends often refer to me as a hermit. Probably true.

I have had a handful of abusive boyfriends and dozens of plastic friends. At presstime, none of them are part of my life for which I am thankful. It is far to easy to fall under the spell of those who take advantage of others, and because of that I make friends cautiously. I am a very open-minded individual, and applaud originality. I go far out of my way to avoid the drama that people get caught up in. I would rather spend my entire life alone than live with bad company. By the time I was no longer jail-bait I had surpassed the handful of acquaintances who got their kicks by playing games with everyone around them. It’s not my style, and I look down on people who carry on in that manner.

I love to be around people with a unique sense of humor and good morals. People who step on others to get ahead are best off not addressing me. I am exceptionally easy to get along with, though if betrayed I will not pretend all is well. My trust is easily earned, but just as quickly taken away should a person cross that line. Kind-hearted, caring people do me justice. I’m not an open book, but I am honest to say the least. I do onto others as I want done onto me.

Most of my hobbies are fairly laid back like me. I *HEART* taking photos, reading, and exploring where ever I may be. I love music of all genres and can be found in the theater or broadway from time to time. I believe knowledge is power, so I soak up as much as I can whether it be in books or through simply living.

I’m no supermodel nor am I a DNA malfunction. I tend to go with what is comfortable, and don’t do the whole fad thing. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then you may have a fair chance at seeing mine. Blue in color, they only get brighter with sunlight or tears shed. I am a bubbly blonde, far from ditsy. I generally know a lot more than I let on to others. I prefer to just blend into the background when ever possible. The Writer. The Wallflower. That is me.



  1. “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then you may have a fair chance at seeing mine. Blue in color, they only get brighter with sunlight or tears shed.”

    I love that! You definitely are a writer…and I’m a little envious of your career.

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