Posted by: Tinsley | July 28, 2007

Express Surprise

Is anybody else choking from the heat? My god it is brutal today! None the less I am just happy to have the day to myself doing whatever I want.

I took it fairly easy last night. The pup and I packed up my backpack and headed over to the Riverwalk. I wasn’t totally in love with the band playing at the amphitheater, but it was free so I can’t complain. We walked up and down, me in my jeans and black tank, the pup in his bandana and visor. He was quite popular with the ladies 😉

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when the mailman brought a package to my door. My sister is awesome! She sent me an entire box full of food since I’ve been surviving on canned goods recently. It was very unexpected, and even more appreciated. I wish I could do stuff like that for her. Maybe I can make her a mini package of homemade goodies? By the way, if you haven’t ever had it, this stuff rocks!


Speaking of my sister, I may get to see her in October. It isn’t for sure yet. My nephew J, who I have yet to meet, is going to be baptized in the coming months. If it works out, they will bring the baby to our hometown for the occasion for which my parents would fly me up for. I am hoping and praying this happens because I want so badly to see everyone, especially my lil nephew!

It has been a pretty chillaxed day for me. After I got over the excitement of my carepackage arriving, I set on a mission to clean like crazy. I can actually smell the clean, so I am satisfied with my efforts.

I wish I could go to Barnes & Noble right now. I love that store like a christian loves their church. Since I can’t shop for books though, I just work on my wishlist at Amazon. It’s the next best thing to actually purchasing stuff.

I also am wanting to go see The Simpsons. However, I think I will have to settle for a movie at home. I’m sure if I dig into my penny jar I can come up with enough change for a bag of popcorn 😉

The remainder of the weekend should be fairly quiet as I don’t plan on doing much other than reading, surfing, and maybe taking some photos. Hopefully everyone is managing to stay cool, and having a great weekend 🙂



  1. i love that rice in the brown, brown-n-wild flavors! supereasy and yumm*o!

    are you still doing the ww or is that on pause?

    am in cleaning frenzy myself. i hate that i let junk pile up.

    It is currently on pause because of the fund shortage, but I intend to make a comeback 😉

  2. I agree with Nancy K. the brown is the bomb. I fry it in the pan and I never tell R I didn’t make it from scratch. heh!

  3. Love that stuff….its comfort food!
    I am needing a Barnes & Noble fix as well but simply cannot find the time to fit it in…oh well.

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