Posted by: Tinsley | July 24, 2007

Ironed by Worries

I should be sleep now still. It was a long afternoon at the doctor’s office for my worthless back. I finally got home from there and the pharmacy just before seven o’clock. My meds kicked in and before eight o’clock I was out. I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed, but the dog needed to go out and I needed do a couple of things. I’ve been trying to fall back asleep since around eleven, but here I am. Still up. Instead of resting comfortably in my bed I managed to burn my arm while ironing my work clothes for tomorrow today. So is my luck.

After today’s visit to the doc I haven’t a penny to my name. I was already pretty down because of the increasing pain, but then you have to add a helping of mother going off on me for things beyond my control. So rather than being bruised and broken hearted, I am simply down and burnt. Stupid iron.

I’ve planned on posting for the last few days now, but just didn’t. I tend to neglect my blog when things aren’t so well. I will however tell you that if you saw me walking down the street, I can promise you wouldn’t be able to recognize me. My hair is very short, and very dark. I will get some pics up once things are running a little more smoothly. Right now I’m just trying to remember a million things that need to be done. My roomie T is gone for at least the next month. He is working out in CO. Rent is due soon. I don’t have much food, but certainly a decent amount of canned goods to snack on. I need to get the cable canceled as well to cut back on costs. God what I wouldn’t give for my mind to shut down long enough to fall back asleep. Well, if nothing else at least my work clothes are wrinkle free for the day that lies ahead. I’m off to count sheep.




  1. Sorry things are poopy right now…it will get better and you always make it through even the roughest of times – keep your chin up ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. Love the hair

    I sure hope so. I have no desire to go through this junk all over again. My hair is very loud. Yes? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. hang in there girlie bird. i am thinking about you.

    Thanks sweetie. I always get so down when my back is in the shitter, so I appreciate the virtual hug!

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