Posted by: Tinsley | April 25, 2007

The Center of the Universe

As much as I wish it weren’t so, I am back from Tulsa. Words cannot even begin to describe what a ball I had. I absolutely love it there! My nerves were tamed upon arriving since R (JP’s roommate) was picking me up from the airport. I had plenty of time to shower and get cleaned up before JP got home from work. To quote JP, the whole thing was completely surreal.

One of the first things JP showed me was just crazy. He took me downtown where I stood in the Center of the Universe. It’s freaky when you stand in it because when you speak, your voice will all the sudden echo. It is truly fascinating! Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever there.

We were out every night in traditional JP style so I can’t recall every single detail, but there are certainly things that stick out. One of my first nights there we had some killer sushi at In the Raw . I had some California and Philadelphia rolls that were to die for. They undeniably made my mouth water. In the process of being out and about, I learned that I like pepper in my red beers. I never put pepper on ANYTHING, so I couldn’t believe I had acquired a taste for it. Who would’ve thunk it?

Most of our lunches were spent at Bruhouse over in Brookside. I quickly became a fan of the Grilled Ham & Cheese with Pineapple sandwich. Most of the bars and clubs we attended were in that vicinity by Kampei, not far from JP’s place on Riverside. The other place we frequented was Danny Bob’s where R bartends. It’s a lowkey joint where we shot pool several times and I dominated at Texas Hold Em.

JP took me to the zoo way over in North Tulsa one afternoon. It was absolutely packed. We walked the whole thing saving my favorite, the kangas for last. They were all sleeping, but I was still happy to see the roos. So cute!

I’m sure you’ve all seen The Wedding Crashers. There’s a scene when Owen Wilson’s character is depressed and goes to Chaz’s (Will Farrell) for some reassurance. Chaz asks what’s new with their friend (played by Vince Vahn) who Owen informs him is getting married. Chaz goes on saying what a loser Vince is and then says, “Good! Good! More for you and me!” That “Good! Good!” is forever imprinted in my vocabulary thanks to my Tulsa boys. If you check out the pics you can easily make out the guys saying it in at least a few shots. But hey, that’s good, good!

Last but not least was my favorite place, the Riverwalk. It’s lined with restaurants, shops, etc. After doing sushi at Tsunami, with the boys, JP and I walked over to the amplitheater to listen to the band. I love live music in general, and was pleasantly surprised by the Tulsa music scene. Just between Brookside and Riverwalk You’ve got tons of acts to choose from on any given night. That’s my kind of city.

I’ll never forget my last night at Danny Bob’s. We were all feeling pretty good from the drinks that continued to circulate. JP and I followed our tradition of picking songs on the jukebox, usually some Dave Matthews Band and Daft Punk. We went off route a bit throwing some old school Jac.k.son in the mix. Minutes later when Billie Jean came on I nearly laughed myself to death. Out of nowhere, JP broke into MJ dance mode which left R and me rolling on the floor. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, JP breaks out something new.

By the time Monday rolled around, my world had been changed. JP had to be to work so I was able to dodge the awkward airport farewell. Instead, we said our goodbyes at home. He said a few sweet words, gave me a big hug, kissed me, and then he was gone.

I had told JP I wouldn’t cry, but before the door even closed behind him I did just that. I cried that I had to leave, I cried for the days I would miss with my new friends, and I cried for JP. From the moment I had arrived in Tulsa it felt like home. Whether it was the way the river flowed, the wonderful friends I made, or the unique architecture I fell in love with, one cannot be sure. Maybe standing in the Middle of the Universe changes a person. At this point in my life I can only be certain of one thing. I’m moving to Tulsa.



  1. glad you had an awesome time!

    supercute pics–which one is he? 😉

    isn’t it amazing when you find a place that feels like home? you speaking of such a place makes me want to go back to new mexico.

    It truly is amazing! Isn’t he a cutie???!!!

  2. Finally caught up on all the goss! How cool that you’ve found a place you wanna be and you’re making it happen. When I first moved away from my home town, it was a little weird at first, but I loved my new city too much, and when I went ‘home’ about 4 months after I left, all I wanted to do was come home, to my new home here! Best of luck with the relocation and job hunting 🙂

  3. It is always wonderful to hear what a visitor thinks of our fair city. Glad you enjoyed it. I wish that the naysayers who live here could hear the positive opinions you expressed. Next time you are here, have your gentleman friend take you past the Sopian Plaza, several Tulsa writers have made the Grande Dame their home.

    I’m definitely going to have to look that place up. It sounds right up my alley!

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