Posted by: Tinsley | April 3, 2007

Hell Yeah!

I could sit here and be in a bad mood that after a gorgeous last few weeks we have been hit with a winter storm. Those little white bastards of flakes have invaded the state once again which means my flipflops have the day off. Like I said though, I could be in a bad mood. I’m not.

In a mere couple of weeks I will be hopping on a plane out of here, and I cannot wait! I texted JP last night asking him how far ahead he is scheduled for work. He replied with a simple “flexible”, at which point I texted him back “well I’ll be at the airport in a couple of weeks if you feel like picking me up.” His response, “hell yeah!” So yes, hell. yeah. I can’t wait to not only get out of town for a week, but to see my friends as well.

As if that didn’t have me running laps around the house already, I talked to my grandma today for even more good news. She wants to fly me down to see my sister and the new baby! I am actually going to get to meet the little guy before he is six months old! I’m not sure on the exact date of the trip, but I think we are shooting for sometime in June.

I feel like I’ve won the lottery today with all of this exciting news. That means I have two weeks to get my tan on and figure out what I need to pack. I’m not certain I can fit everything I need for a week of living into one suitcase. This means I will have to be extremly picky about my shoes. Three pairs should be adequate I suppose. I always travel in my flipflops because they are most sensible when going through the security checks. Perhaps those, a pair of heels, and my Chuck Taylors or Kitson’s should be doable.

I can’t wait to take pictures of my adventures in Tulsa. I’ve got lots to see, and limited time to do so. Anyone have recommendations? Throw them my way. I will probably not be around a computer there, so I should have plenty to blog about when I return. Alright kiddies, this girl can’t sit still long enough to write a decent post so I’m off to bounce around and do my happy dance!



  1. Your goin to The Sooner State!!! LOL

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