Posted by: Tinsley | March 28, 2007

We Should!

There’s been tons going on since I last posted. You might say I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle before rolling up my sleeves and typing away. Let’s start with Boyfriend. After his many ups and downs, back and forths, I’ve called it quits. I was truly sick of his biting my head off and chronic flightiness the last few months and said enough already. I haven’t spoken to him in nearly a week, and I have to admit I am doing great. I hope he will at some point learn to be happy with himself. I may never know what causes these downwards spirals he goes in, but I’m happy I’m not longer part of it.

Having said that, I have been traveling solo a lot lately. I’ve gone on lots of walks with the dog since spring has graced me with its presence. It has been simply beautiful in my neck of the woods, and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. While work is going fine, I continue to search for more hours. I am trying to get full time work for the season in order to get out of the debt and…. possibly move!

I know. I’m laying a lot on you all at once. I told you there’s been lots going on. It all started a couple of weeks ago while talking with my BFF over dinner. Things had already been going sour with ex-boyfriend at that point, so there was no concern of leaving anything behind. Back when I moved to Phoenix, my BFF Kat was suppose to move to. Of course, she wasn’t in the position to, so I went ahead on my own. While I liked Phoenix, it was simply not the right fit for me.

I have wondered since if there were a place right for me. I don’t need somewhere as big as Phoenix, but surely it needs to be larger than here. Also, it shouldn’t be as unbelievably cold as here. Where would I find such a place? I need a new adventure.

Turn your calendars back to February when ex-boyfriend disappeared on me for a week. Rather than sitting at home upset, I spent time with my friends having fun. One particular evening I went out to the bowling alley. Enter JP, a friend I went to high school with. I had bumped into him several times in the past month he had been in town. The next morning he was hitting the road to return to where he now calls home.

I listened to him talk about where he lived, the climate, and the culture. It sounded perfect. Our night of fun came and went, but not without turning a light on in my head. Having just gotten my life back after a medically challenging past year, I was finally enjoying life again. It was like coming back from the dead.

Since leaving town, JP and I have stayed in touch. The night Kat and I were at dinner JP had just called. I was replaying the conversation for her when she says “we should move there!” Hmm…. let’s see. Right under 400,000 people, average year round temp of 61. By god we should! It’s not the desert, it’s not the freezing cold, it’s none other than Tulsa, OK.

So to tie everything up in a big red bow for you, life is good. My family returns from the south in May about the same time Kat is done with school. Dad mentioned going down to check out Tulsa with me. I’m so excited I’ve turned into a giddy little girl. This leaves my agenda as follows:

1) Get more work

2) Pay off credit card

3) Move by summer’s end

Now that you’ve all been brought up to speed, feel free to relax and move about the cabin. I will be coming down the aisle with the beverage and snack cart shortly!



  1. I wondered where you had been!!!
    Sorry to hear things with the b/f went sideways, but it sounds like its a good thing.
    I am all with ya on the move. While it is a great town, there is so much more out in the world. Its like the old saying goes, “you can always visit home, but you can’t live there anymore”. I love it there and all, but after awhile, I have really found happiness here in South Florida.
    Glad to hear all is well!

    Well put my friend. I’m so excited!

  2. wowza, girlie! i wish you the best, no matter which direction life takes you.

    you have to journey north or i have to journey south before you go further south!

    I’m down with that girlie, and thank you for the warm wishes!

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