Posted by: Tinsley | February 13, 2007

Winter Trends

It is a perfect day to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth. I just took some sinus medication to sooth the burning in my face, and my coughing is down to a minimum. We got hit with more snow last night, somewhere between two to three inches. While the negative temps are nothing short of a pain, the white blanket of snow does look rather pretty. I always have said, if it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow.

Even though I’m ill, I did manage to get some fun in over the weekend. Boyfriend and I headed over to another couple’s house where we played some gold old fashioned games and sipped on cocktails before heading uptown. My head pounding kept me from having a wonderful time, but it was nice to get out none the less.

By the time Sunday rolled around being in the bars had caught up with me, and I wasn’t up for anything much. I stopped over where Boyfriend and his youngest son were shoveling snow for a sledding track. I wasn’t dressed to be outdoors for long, but it didn’t stop me from hopping on the sled for a quick ride downhill. I had a blast and even hit some air, but believe me when I say that sledding in sweats with no underwear on is not a good idea. A good portion of the snow managed to find its way into my pants and turn my lower regions into an icicle.

After my adventure outdoors and managed to get dried off in the car on the way to the store. Knowing that snow was coming I stocked up on the essentials of milk and reading material. I gassed up the car and prepared for the coming week. Knowing I had a lot going on this week, I decided it would be a good idea to deliver my Valentine’s to my friends. I headed over to Leesh’s and instructed her daughter that there was no Valentine opening until Wednesday. She is so hard not to give in to. I brought Leesh all of my old magazines, mostly In Touch issues, and got a couple of old ones from her. I love my Hollywood scene mags! I hung out there for about an hour before heading home for the night.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it is sure to be busy. I’ve got work and an appointment with the Acupuncturist to think about before I can even dip my toes into the festivities. With any luck the day will go quickly so that I can fast forward right up to all the mushy love stuff. Now if I could just decided what to wear.

Unfortunately, just because we have been bombarded with snow, it doesn’t change the fact that I have to run errands. I have to swing up to the hospital for some records, over to my accountant’s office to drop of some documents, and then out to the book store for my latest read. By the time I get bundled up properly I’m sure it will be bedtime because it is bomb ass freezing!


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